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Sincronideia presents a complete portfolio of responses in the areas of security and privacy that include auditing and advisory services, training in multiple areas, design and implementation of technological solutions, certification consultancy and external Data Protection Officer services. All of our activity aims to offer each organization appropriate responses to the ongoing challenges of information security and privacy.


• Global infrastructure analysis

• Vulnerability analysis

• Incident response

• Disaster recovery

• Integrated security solutions

• Penetration testing


• Training on Cybersecurity awareness and data protection tailored to each organizational context

• Training for Controllers and Processors

• Training for Data Protection Officer

• Technical Training in Cybersecurity solutions

Consultancy General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR:

• Development of the GDPR compliance program

• Management of all obligations relating to the GDPR

• Management of communication with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD)

• Management of compliance information to be presented to the CNPD

• Creation and maintenance of consent and right to be forgotten models

• Implementation of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default models

• Response to Data Breaches and other incidents

• Response to data portability requests

• Design of the global/organizational information security and privacy strategy

• Assessment, definition and implementation of technological solutions to support legal compliance with the GDPR

Data Protection Officer Service - DPO:

• External Data Protection Officer Service

• Continuous monitoring and advice from the data controller

• Training and raising awareness of the entire organization about the GDPR

• Advice and control of Impact Assessments on data protection

• Point of contact and cooperation with CNPD

• Point of direct contact with holders of data subject to processing

Privacy and Information Management:

• Management of information flows between subcontractors

• Conformity assessment of subcontracted companies

• Information lifecycle management

• Legislative compliance services

• Privacy Impact Assessment Service – Data Protection Impact Assessment

Cyberspace Security Legal Regime Consultancy - RJSC:

• Definition of profiles suitable for the roles of Security Officer and Permanent Contact Point(s)

• Preparation of the Security Plan provided for in Decree 65/2021

• Preparation of the inventory of essential assets

• Implementation of risk assessment procedures

• Definition of security measures appropriate to the assessed risk

• Assessment of the state of readiness and definition of a procedural plan regarding the detection, impact assessment and notification of security incidents

• Preparation of annual reports provided for in Decree 65/2021

Discover our proposals under the General Data Protection Regulation:

• Adequacy Plan Proposal

• Turnkey SST Adequacy Plan Proposal

• IPSS Adequacy Plan Proposal


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