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Sincronideia - Data Privacy & Security is part of a group with more than thirty-five years of experience in technological and management solutions. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team with skills in the technological, legal and process management areas. The company's resource profiles reflect a set of experiences that involve the design, creation and implementation of cybersecurity projects in multiple contexts and sectors of activity, from Central Administration, Higher Education, the Production and Manufacturing Sector to the Services sector.

To this concrete experience we have added several professional certifications that include:

• CIPP/E Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe

• Data Privacy & Data Protection

• Internal Auditor ISO 27001

• Engineer and Architect level certifications in Perimeter Security, Endpoint Protection and Encryption/Cipherment solutions

We believe that years in activity, combined with the professional certification of our members, are critical factors in fully evaluating our company's skills. Furthermore, qualifications in the legal and organizational areas now play an even more decisive role in each project, in order to offer organizations the required levels of compliance.

Cyberspace security legal regime

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Provide high quality services in the areas of security and privacy in the national and international market.


Constitute a true partner focused on the ideal response for each organization, which allows Sincronideia to stand out as a reference company in providing answers in the areas of security and privacy.

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